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Producers’ Organization Approach in Rural Tourism: Agritourism Cooperatives
Harun Hurma, Cagdas Inan

Last modified: 2018-02-12


Cooperatives are organizations that can make significant contributions to the socio-economic development of rural areas. Agritourism is defined as tourism activities for attracting visitors to areas used for agricultural purposes. Cooperatives help to increase the welfare of the local people lives in the rural areas. Agritourism cooperatives are particular kinds of cooperatives related to agritourism activities. In this study, the development of agriculture tourism has been examined within the producers’ organization agritourism cooperatives approach. The contributions of the agritourism cooperatives have discussed with the help of the values and principles of cooperatives. There are only a few samples of agritourism cooperatives worldwide, which focuses only agritourism activities but it should be more common. this study tries to show the necessity of the agritourism cooperatives.


agritourism cooperatives, rural tourism, agricultural.


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