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Reporting Employment of the Workforce in the Commercial Enterprise
Zdravka Kiricheva

Last modified: 2018-02-12


The main factors of an enterprise's business are labor, land, and capital. Labor resources are of a different public social status and occupy different positions, as this also influences the remuneration received. The reporting of labor resources covers the recruitment process, the training and salary costs for the work performed, insurance and dismissal costs. The profitability of a business entity depends on their contribution and therefore invests in them. Accounting is based on SS 19 Employee Benefits and MCC 19 Employee Benefits.


staff, staff incomes, short-term and long-term earnings.


СС 19:

МСС 19:

Конвенция № 95 на Международната организация на труда от 1949 г

Кодекс за социално осигуряване

Кодекс на труда:

Наредбата за структурата и организацията на работната заплата:


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