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The Processing of Pufferfish and Usage of Tetrodotoxin in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Nermin Berik, Ekrem Cankiriligil

Last modified: 2018-02-12


The pufferfish is mostly distributed in tropical to temperate seas and they introduced several seas as an invasive species. The meat of the pufferfish is consumes mostly as sashimi especially in the Fareast countries. However, if the pufferfish is not processed properly, it poses a threat to consumers due to tetrodotoxin they contain. For this reason, several researchers were studied on developing toxin determination methods. With the development of studies in this field, it has paved the way to get benefits from tetrodotoxin. Nowadays, scientists has started to get benefits from this severe toxin with using as medicine for treatment of several diseases. In this review, studies related to usages of tetrodotoxin in pharmaceutical industry were examined. Besides, we evaluated to future of the tetrodotoxin in pharmaceutical industry as an alternative medicine.


Pufferfish, tetrodotoxin, MSFD, medicine, invasive species, analgesic.


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