University of agribusiness and rural development, UARD Jubilee International Scientific Conference

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Fish Sausage Production from Different Fish Species
Nermin Berik, Dilek Yilmaz

Last modified: 2018-02-12


Apart from containing savory components, fish have become a valuable food source as they include essential amino acids and fatty acids. Fish consumption has been increasing day by day in parallel with the awareness of consumers about healthy nutrition. However, some people are not familiar with the consumption of fish and/or other water products or their palatal delight is not pleased with these foods. As a solution of this problem, water product consumption can be increased through different processing technologies. Various flavours can be created by smoking and/or adding different spices to fermented products such as sausages made of fish and thus consumers can be attracted. Up to date, sausage production from many fish species such as Hybrid Clarias catfish, Threadfin bream, Geelbeck croaker, South African hake, African walking catfish, Rohu, African catfish, Cod, Rainbow trout, Nile tilapia, Spiny dogfish, Salmon, Tuna, Catfish, Red jewfish, Sea catfish, Jwelled shad, Horse mackerel, Skipjack Tunahas have been made successfully. However, shelf life of fish sausage, final product and sensory quality may show difference depending on fish species, raw material quality, packaging material, applied technology, fermentation conditions, spices and other additives, storage conditions and storage time. In this study, a literature assessment was conducted on sausage products made of fish.


Fish sausage, Sensory, Quality.

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