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Opportunities to Minimize the Weaknesses Related with the Temporary Work in Tourism as a Basis for Sustainable Sector Development
Aleksander Davchev

Last modified: 2018-02-12


Tourism is one of the economic activities who has a large participation in the formation of the country's GDP. He is characterized as a strategic industry, which, according to forecasts, will increase its importance more and more. There are, however, problems related with the lack of sufficiently qualified, motivated and efficient employees to guarantee the needs of the sector. The negative impact of temporary employment is very important part, of the problems connected with the outflow of labor. The question of far-sighted management is finding effective ways to successfully overcome these weaknesses, for which some options have been suggested. In the conditions of strong competition at national and international level, the complex solution of the revealed problems, would allow for a much greater sustainability in the sector and the establishment of the country as a cheap but also a destination offering high quality of the tourist products and services.


tourism, work force problems, proper and far-sighted management, sustainability


1.  Проект на актуализирана Национална стратегия за устойчиво развитие на туризма, 2014 – 2030 г.

2.  Стратегия за устойчиво развитие на туризма в България 2014-2030. РБ - МИД., 2014

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