University of agribusiness and rural development, UARD Jubilee International Scientific Conference

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Evaluation of Activities of Irrigation Cooperatives for Sustainability of Water Resources in Tekirdag
Aysegul Unver, Harun Hurma

Last modified: 2018-02-13


The main objective in the management of water resources is sustainability. It is the determination of a system that will not change the functioning of the hydrological system without creating permanent damage on the source but will also observe the needs of today and the future. In addition to sustainability of water resources management, another important factor is that it is effective, i.e. the most appropriate use. One of the most using water sectors in Turkey is agriculture. Today, irrigation operations are usually carried out by irrigation associations, irrigation cooperatives, municipalities or village legal entities. Along with the increase in irrigation areas, problems have increased and the yield expected from irrigation has not reached the desired levels. Current study makes evaluations how the irrigation cooperatives influence jointly the activities of sustainable use of water resources. Suggestions are be made to increase the success of irrigation cooperatives.


irrigation, cooperation, sustainability, water, resources.

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