University of agribusiness and rural development, UARD Jubilee International Scientific Conference

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Presentation of a Technology for Extraction of Brown’s Gas from Seawater
Chavdar Kamenarov, Plamen Kamenarov

Last modified: 2018-02-12


The presentation demonstrates that it is possible to be obtained energy, minerals rich with poly metals – excellent raw material for ferrous, nonferrous and rare metals metallurgy with full protection of environment without any carbon emissions. The slides show what are the known technologies for obtaining of minerals from the seabed. One of technologies are for scraping of natural sediments from the seabed, which dramatically alters the environment of marine biological species and other technologies that produce minerals also rich in poly metals, but from natural bottom formations so called nodules and concretions found at great depth - from 800 to over of 6000 meters. In the same way the problem of environmental degradation is the same as polluted both the bottom layers of the world ocean and the surface waters.


technology, seawater, Brown gas

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