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Evaluation of Agricultural Policies in terms of Sustainability of Viticulture in Tekirdağ
Burcin Basaran, Sema Konyali

Last modified: 2018-02-12


Viticulture is one of the important agricultural activities in Turkish agriculture. Turkey is among the leading countries in the world with vineyard area and grape production. Grape as a fruit has various usage areas such as grape molasses, grape juice, wine etc. Also vine leaves can also have brined and consumed. However, in recent years, vineyard areas have decreased significantly. It is necessary that viticulture should be supported because it is a costly activity which requires intensive labor but provides a high added value. The viticulture businesses are generally small-scale enterprises. These businesses can continue their activity as long as they earn money. In Tekirdağ viticulture and wine making is an agricultural activity inherited from the Greeks who migrated in exchange. Wine grape production is mostly carried out by small-scale enterprises. However, there are also large businesses that produce wine with their own brand. In this study, agriculture policies were evaluated in terms of sustainability of viticulture activity in Tekirdağ.


Viticulture, sustainability, Tekirdağ, agricultural policy


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