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Improving Agricultural Markets Access for the Small and Medium Enterprises
Natalia Stoyanova

Last modified: 2018-02-12


Despite the increase in investment activity in the agricultural sector, the technological level a number of important offices remained very low. As a result, productivity is about 4 times lower than the total for our economy. It is also the most important cause of low incomes in agriculture, which account for about 40% of the national average. There is a disbalance in development, and this kind of funds. Most of them related to the purchase of machinery and equipment associated with the cultivation of Polish culture, and to a very small extent focused on the needs of livestock and production of fruits and vegetables, whose potential has already been several times advertised. For example, in ivatsevychy sector is dominated by amortizare equipment and lack of technological communication, with the result that 85% of dairy animals are grown in conditions that do not meet modern technological practices.


agricultural markets, small and medium enterprises


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