University of agribusiness and rural development, UARD Jubilee International Scientific Conference

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Perspectives for Future Development of Poultry Meat Sector in Turkey
Ali Karabayir

Last modified: 2018-02-12


In general, when human nutrition is taken into consideration, the daily diet should comprise 80-85 g protein, 40-45% of which should be of animal origin. Since poultry, especially chicken production is cheaper than cattle production, the market prices are much lower, and thus poultry consumption nowadays is continuously rising in Turkey, to meet the daily protein requirements. Nevertheless, chicken consumption is preferred also due to the fact that chicken meat has lower caloric value, because it has a low fat content. According to Turkish Statistical Institution, the population of Turkey is 77,7 million, while in 2050 it is expected to rise to 93,5 million. In parallel with population increase, poultry production in Turkey increased from 217.259 tons in 1990 to 2.088.800 tons in 2014. The main poultry types mostly produced in Turkey are broiler, turkey, village chicken and quails, with broiler production comprising 93% of the total poultry production. Nowadays, Turkish poultry is also exported to mainly European Union countries and in small amounts to Japan, Philippines, Pakistan and China. Based on the continuous market demand for poultry, it is expected that in 2030, 4,26 million tons poultry meat will be produced in Turkey. For the sustainable poultry production in Turkey, new market targets should be searched.


poultry, meat, broiler.

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