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Operative Treatment of Spontaneous Pneumothorax
Tanyo Stefanov, Petar Petrov, Boyko Todorov

Last modified: 2018-02-12


When comparing the results of VATS with open surgery Mouroux J et al. found about 10% complications, respectively 6.75% for SPD vs. 27.7% for SPD. The most common complication is prolonged alveolar permeability (> 5 μm), which was observed in approximately 8% of patients. Reoperations due to the failure of pleurodesis or postoperative chemotaxis occurred in nearly 5% of cases. In a historical comparative study, the recurrence rate was 0.4% after thoracotomy and 6% after VATS. Most studies have shown that at an average follow-up (less than 3 years of observation) the incidence of recurrences varies from 5 to 10%. As a result of the accumulated experience in recent years, it has steadily dropped below 5%. In a multicenter study, Naunheim KS et al. reported a series of 113 patients with a recurrence rate of 4.1%. A statistically free from recurrence period was observed in 95% of those operated at the sixth month. Bertrand PC et al. reported a free recurrence period of 95% at 42 months in the follow up of 163 patients.


pneumothorax, treatment


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