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Plenary Session

Higher Education for Sustainable Rural Development: UARD Experience PDF PRES
Dimitar Dimitrov, Mariana Ivanova, Ekaterina Arabska

Economics, Finance, Investments

Product and Price Banking Marketing Strategies - a Key in the Competitive Struggle Between Credit Institutions PDF
Mariana Assenova

Ecological Food Production

Phenolic Content of Selected Dried Fruits PDF PRES
Nazan Arifoglu, Gulen Turker
Evaluation of Seaweed Resources as Functional Food in Turkey PDF PRES
Fatma Colakoglu, Ilknur Ak
Determination of the Mineral Composition of Turkish Tahini Halva PDF PRES
Nazan Arifoglu, Mustafa Ogutcu
Quality of Peas-Wheat Mixes, Resources for Green Food in the Conditions of Organic Farming PDF PRES
Maria Sabeva, Grigori Ivanov, Siyka Angelova

Tourism and Recreation

Comparative Analysis of Tourism Law and Policy in Macedonia and Bulgaria PDF PRES
Dejan Metodieski, Jasmina Andreeva, Biljana Conevska
Evaluation of Phenolic and Carotenoid Content of Turf Grass Clippings PDF PRES
Selcuk Birer, Gulen Turker, Nazan Arifoglu, Ahmet Gokkus

Agribusiness and Regional Policy

Model for Solving the Problem with Depopulation in Rural Areas PDF
Wolfgang Luepcke, Dimitar Yakimov, Krasimira Anastasova, Pavlin Pelov, Klaus-Kristian Werner, Plamen Lakov, Zhenia Kioseva
Wine Branding: Why is it Important for Boutique Wine Sector Growth in Turkey? PDF PRES
Yasemin Oraman, Fuat Yilmaz, Derya Abdikoglu
Analysis of Business Structures on Capacity Usage in Determining Encountered Problems of Red Meat Industry in Turkey PDF
Celal Demirkol, Mecit Omer Azabagaoglu

Social and Cultural Development

Exploring Social Innovation in the Social Farm Organizations PDF
Maurizio Lanfranchi, Carlo Gianetto, Tindara Abbate, Augusto D'Amico

Human Resources and Organizational Management

Self-Leadership 3.0 PDF
Ivaylo Aleksiev
The meaning of the refined egoism and the prisoner’s dilemma in business PDF
Yavor Aleksiev, Ivaylo Aleksiev

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