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Plenary Session

Operational Program Regions in Growth 2014-2020 PDF PRES
Yulian Mollov

Economics, Finance, Investments

Management, Measurement and Oversight of Investment Risk in Bulgarian Voluntary Pension Funds PDF
Nikolina Mareva, Georgi Georgiev
Methods for Research the Profitability of Capital in Agriculture PDF
Viktoriya Mendeva

Tourism and Recreation

Opportunities for Application of Statistical Methods and Programs for Tourism Typology of the Countries PDF
Krasimir Levkov, Georgi Marinov
Comparative Analysis of Tourism Law and Policy in Macedonia and Bulgaria PDF PRES
Dejan Metodieski, Jasmina Andreeva, Biljana Conevska

Environmental Protection and Climate Change

The Role of The Forests in Bulgaria for the Reduction of the Climate Changes, Measures for Adaptation and Mitigation of the Negative Impact of the Climate Change on Them PDF
Valentina Marinova, Lubcho Trichkov
Modern Bioclimatic Potential Change in Krasnodar Region and Development of Viticulture PDF
Galina Mosolova, Anna Marmorshteyn, Tatyana Osipova, Plamen Lakov

Agribusiness and Regional Policy

Fundamentals of Biological Control in Forest Protection PDF
Yancho Naidenov, Nikolay Stoyanov, Valentina Marinova

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