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Ecological Food Production

Edible Oil Organogels Prepared with Natural Waxes and Their Application PDF PRES
Mustafa Öğütcü, Emin Yilmaz
Comparison of Physico-Chemical Parameters and Composition of Wild and Suspended Cultured Mediterranean mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) from Sea of Marmara PDF PRES
Hasan Basri Ormanci, Fatma Arik Colakoglu, Serhat Colakoglu, Ibrahim Ender Kunili
Quality Characteristics of Fish Sauce Produced from Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) PDF PRES
Ibrahim Ender Kunili, Hasan Basri Ormanci, Fatma Arik Colakoglu
Determination of the Mineral Composition of Turkish Tahini Halva PDF PRES
Nazan Arifoglu, Mustafa Ogutcu
Determination of Shelf-Life of Lakerda (Salted Atlantic Bonito) Stored at 4°C PDF PRES
Hasan Basri Ormanci, Ibrahim Ender Kunili, Fatma Arik Colakoglu

Tourism and Recreation

Experience of Russian-Bulgarian Cooperation in the Organization of International Tourism as a Factor of Sustainable Development of Regions PDF
Dmitrii Sevastyanov, Aleksey Grigoriev, Tatyana Osipova, Plamen Lakov

Environmental Protection and Climate Change

Modern Bioclimatic Potential Change in Krasnodar Region and Development of Viticulture PDF
Galina Mosolova, Anna Marmorshteyn, Tatyana Osipova, Plamen Lakov
The Effect of Aquaculture Facility on the Bacterial Levels of Seawater of Sigacik Bay, Izmir, Turkey PDF PRES
Fatma Arik Colakoglu, Ibrahim Ender Kunili, Hasan Basri Ormanci, Fikret Cakir, Ali Ismen

Agribusiness and Regional Policy

Wine Branding: Why is it Important for Boutique Wine Sector Growth in Turkey? PDF PRES
Yasemin Oraman, Fuat Yilmaz, Derya Abdikoglu

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