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Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the Jubilee International Scientific Conference “Bulgaria of Regions” PDF
Conference Proceedings

Economics, Finance, Investments

Investments in Non-Current Tangible Assets as an Important Prerequisite for Sustainable Regional Development (Accounting Aspects) PDF
Stanislava Pancheva
State Transfers as a Factor for Smoothing of Horizontal Imbalances in Bulgaria PDF
Mariana Pavlova-Banova

Agribusiness and Regional Policy

Model for Solving the Problem with Depopulation in Rural Areas PDF
Wolfgang Luepcke, Dimitar Yakimov, Krasimira Anastasova, Pavlin Pelov, Klaus-Kristian Werner, Plamen Lakov, Zhenia Kioseva

Management of Education and Innovation

Initial Standardization and Validization of Methodology Measuring Organizational Culture in the Field of Education PDF
Ivaylo Staribratov, Lilia Babakova, Valia Petrova

Health, Sports, Tourism and Medicine

Frequency of Prophylactic Gynecological Examinations Among Bulgarian Women PDF
Valentin Irmov, Petar Petrov
The Location of the Cytoplasm in the Prevention of Cervical Cancer PDF
Valentin Irmov, Petar Petrov
The place of VATS in the treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax PDF
Tanyo Stefanov, Petar Petrov, Boyko Todorov
Operative Treatment of Spontaneous Pneumothorax PDF
Tanyo Stefanov, Petar Petrov, Boyko Todorov
Study and Analysis of Quality Management Models in Hospital Help PDF
Neven Enchev, Petar Petrov
Quality Management of Hospital Services Under ISO 9001: 2008 as an Integral Part of the International Organization Standartization Series PDF
Neven Enchev, Petar Petrov

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