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Economics, Finance, Investments

Stimulating Innovation Through Tax Policy Mechanisms PDF
Silvia Tsankova
Public Revenue of Direct Tax - Trends and Challenges PDF
Tanya Todorova

Ecological Food Production

Phenolic Content of Selected Dried Fruits PDF PRES
Nazan Arifoglu, Gulen Turker
Effect of Mussels Consumption on Human Health PDF PRES
Pinar Yildirim, Ertan Ercan, Gülen Türker

Tourism and Recreation

Leader Approach to Sustainable and Integrated Rural Development PDF
Stefka Timareva, Veselin Boyadziev
Analysis of the Current State, Problems and Trends in Development of Rural and Other Alternative Forms of Tourism in Plovdiv Region PDF
Stefka Timareva
Evaluation of Phenolic and Carotenoid Content of Turf Grass Clippings PDF PRES
Selcuk Birer, Gulen Turker, Nazan Arifoglu, Ahmet Gokkus

Environmental Protection and Climate Change

The Role of The Forests in Bulgaria for the Reduction of the Climate Changes, Measures for Adaptation and Mitigation of the Negative Impact of the Climate Change on Them PDF
Valentina Marinova, Lubcho Trichkov

Health, Sports, Tourism and Medicine

The place of VATS in the treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax PDF
Tanyo Stefanov, Petar Petrov, Boyko Todorov
Operative Treatment of Spontaneous Pneumothorax PDF
Tanyo Stefanov, Petar Petrov, Boyko Todorov

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