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Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the Jubilee International Scientific Conference “Bulgaria of Regions” PDF
Conference Proceedings

Plenary Session

Higher Education for Sustainable Rural Development: UARD Experience PDF PRES
Dimitar Dimitrov, Mariana Ivanova, Ekaterina Arabska
Producers’ Organization Approach in Rural Tourism: Agritourism Cooperatives PDF PRES
Harun Hurma, Cagdas Inan
Fiscal Policy of Bulgaria – Problems and Trends PDF PRES
Ognyana Stoichkova, Virginiya Zhelyazkova, Yakim Kitanov
Operational Program Regions in Growth 2014-2020 PDF PRES
Yulian Mollov

Round table presentation

Challenges and Solutions in Providing Accessible Education and Employability in Rural Regions PDF PRES BG PRES EN
Patricia Georgieva

Economics, Finance, Investments

Product and Price Banking Marketing Strategies - a Key in the Competitive Struggle Between Credit Institutions PDF
Mariana Assenova
Models For Analyzing Customer Profitability PDF
Vanya Banabakova
Topical Issues of the Analysis of Sales Profitability PDF
Rosica Ivanova
Reporting Employment of the Workforce in the Commercial Enterprise PDF
Zdravka Kiricheva
Challenges in Corporate Sales Forecasting PDF
Vladislava Georgieva
Management, Measurement and Oversight of Investment Risk in Bulgarian Voluntary Pension Funds PDF
Nikolina Mareva, Georgi Georgiev
Simulation modeling in international capital budgeting with Excel PDF PRES
Georgi Georgiev
The Usefulness of the Non-Financial Statement Prepared by Companies of Public Interest PDF
Pavlina Dimitrova
The role of leasing as an alternative technique of project financing PDF
Bisser Krastev
Investments in Non-Current Tangible Assets as an Important Prerequisite for Sustainable Regional Development (Accounting Aspects) PDF
Stanislava Pancheva
Risk Assessment and Market Presentation of Top Cryptocurencies PDF
Gabriela Krasteva
Methods for Research the Profitability of Capital in Agriculture PDF
Viktoriya Mendeva
Stimulating Innovation Through Tax Policy Mechanisms PDF
Silvia Tsankova
State Transfers as a Factor for Smoothing of Horizontal Imbalances in Bulgaria PDF
Mariana Pavlova-Banova
Public Revenue of Direct Tax - Trends and Challenges PDF
Tanya Todorova
Assessment of Political and Economic Risk to the Countries by the Major Rating Agencies PDF
Dinko Kazepov

Ecological Food Production

Edible Oil Organogels Prepared with Natural Waxes and Their Application PDF PRES
Mustafa Öğütcü, Emin Yilmaz
Phenolic Content of Selected Dried Fruits PDF PRES
Nazan Arifoglu, Gulen Turker
Comparison of Physico-Chemical Parameters and Composition of Wild and Suspended Cultured Mediterranean mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) from Sea of Marmara PDF PRES
Hasan Basri Ormanci, Fatma Arik Colakoglu, Serhat Colakoglu, Ibrahim Ender Kunili
Heavy Metal Concentrations in Some Bivalve Species from the Southern Coast of the Marmara Sea (Turkey) PDF PRES
Serhat Colakoglu, Ibrahim Kunili
Effect of Mussels Consumption on Human Health PDF PRES
Pinar Yildirim, Ertan Ercan, Gülen Türker
Quality Characteristics of Fish Sauce Produced from Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) PDF PRES
Ibrahim Ender Kunili, Hasan Basri Ormanci, Fatma Arik Colakoglu
Effectiveness of Biofertilizers on the Productivity of Dry Mass of Stevia Rebaudiana B. PDF
Dimitar Yakimov, Elena Nikolova
Ex situ (in field) conservation of Bulgarian species from genus Mentha maintained in the collection of IPGR-Sadovo PDF
Katya Uzundzhalieva, Stanislava Stateva
Evaluation of Seaweed Resources as Functional Food in Turkey PDF PRES
Fatma Colakoglu, Ilknur Ak
Determination of the Mineral Composition of Turkish Tahini Halva PDF PRES
Nazan Arifoglu, Mustafa Ogutcu
Determination of Shelf-Life of Lakerda (Salted Atlantic Bonito) Stored at 4°C PDF PRES
Hasan Basri Ormanci, Ibrahim Ender Kunili, Fatma Arik Colakoglu
The Processing of Pufferfish and Usage of Tetrodotoxin in the Pharmaceutical Industry PDF PRES
Nermin Berik, Ekrem Cankiriligil
Fish Sausage Production from Different Fish Species PDF PRES
Nermin Berik, Dilek Yilmaz
Quality of Peas-Wheat Mixes, Resources for Green Food in the Conditions of Organic Farming PDF PRES
Maria Sabeva, Grigori Ivanov, Siyka Angelova

Tourism and Recreation

Leader Approach to Sustainable and Integrated Rural Development PDF
Stefka Timareva, Veselin Boyadziev
Opportunities to Minimize the Weaknesses Related with the Temporary Work in Tourism as a Basis for Sustainable Sector Development PDF
Aleksander Davchev
Promoting Sales by Introducing and Optimizing Algorithms for Working in the Touristic Sector PDF
Aleksander Davchev
Analysis of the Current State, Problems and Trends in Development of Rural and Other Alternative Forms of Tourism in Plovdiv Region PDF
Stefka Timareva
Experience of Russian-Bulgarian Cooperation in the Organization of International Tourism as a Factor of Sustainable Development of Regions PDF
Dmitrii Sevastyanov, Aleksey Grigoriev, Tatyana Osipova, Plamen Lakov
Comparative Analysis of Hotel Accommodation Facilities in Bulgaria PDF
Plamen Lakov
Currency Control and Cultural Tourism PDF
Evgeniy Stoyanov
Opportunities for Application of Statistical Methods and Programs for Tourism Typology of the Countries PDF
Krasimir Levkov, Georgi Marinov
Comparative Analysis of Tourism Law and Policy in Macedonia and Bulgaria PDF PRES
Dejan Metodieski, Jasmina Andreeva, Biljana Conevska
An Example Scheme for the Introduction of an Algorithm for Work of Servicing Customers in the Specialized Branch of Tourism PDF PRES
Aleksander Davchev
Regionalization of tourism in Bulgaria – outcomes and implications PDF
Ivanka Shopova
Religious Tourism - Trends, Opportunities and Perspectives through the Prism of Plovdiv Destination PDF
Zlatka Grigorova
Evaluation of Phenolic and Carotenoid Content of Turf Grass Clippings PDF PRES
Selcuk Birer, Gulen Turker, Nazan Arifoglu, Ahmet Gokkus

Green Economy and Renewable Energy Sources

Evaluation of Activities of Irrigation Cooperatives for Sustainability of Water Resources in Tekirdag PDF PRES
Aysegul Unver, Harun Hurma
Circulation of Water From the Point of View of Energy and its Influence on Rainfall PDF PRES
Michal Kravcik, Miroslav Zachar
Presentation of a Technology for Extraction of Brown’s Gas from Seawater PDF
Chavdar Kamenarov, Plamen Kamenarov

Environmental Protection and Climate Change

The Role of The Forests in Bulgaria for the Reduction of the Climate Changes, Measures for Adaptation and Mitigation of the Negative Impact of the Climate Change on Them PDF
Valentina Marinova, Lubcho Trichkov
Comparison of Balkan Countries Regarding Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) About Environment PDF PRES
Harun Hurma, Gokhan Unakitan, Cagdas Inan
Fighting Climate Change in Practice - an Inspiring Insight into the Kitchen of Energiewende PDF
Zornitsa Spasova
Adaptation of the Species Atropa belladonna L. Grown in vitro to the Environment PDF
Stanislava Stateva, Gergana Desheva
Influence Of Climate Changes On Agriculture PDF
Svetla Dimitrova
Modern Bioclimatic Potential Change in Krasnodar Region and Development of Viticulture PDF
Galina Mosolova, Anna Marmorshteyn, Tatyana Osipova, Plamen Lakov
The Effect of Aquaculture Facility on the Bacterial Levels of Seawater of Sigacik Bay, Izmir, Turkey PDF PRES
Fatma Arik Colakoglu, Ibrahim Ender Kunili, Hasan Basri Ormanci, Fikret Cakir, Ali Ismen
Ecological and Legal Problem of Marine Environment Protection PDF
Zlatka Kushelieva

Agribusiness and Regional Policy

Irrigation. Hydromelioration and Human Resources in The Field of Agriculture PDF
Snezhina Dineva
Cohesion Policy and Competitiveness of Regions PDF
Keranka Nedeva
Borders as a Problem for the Regional Development of Bulgaria PDF
Veselin Boyadzhiev, Neli Veselinova
Fundamentals of Biological Control in Forest Protection PDF
Yancho Naidenov, Nikolay Stoyanov, Valentina Marinova
Model for Solving the Problem with Depopulation in Rural Areas PDF
Wolfgang Luepcke, Dimitar Yakimov, Krasimira Anastasova, Pavlin Pelov, Klaus-Kristian Werner, Plamen Lakov, Zhenia Kioseva
Evaluation of Agriculture Sector and Agricultural Policy in Turkey PDF PRES
Gokhan Unakitan
Wine Branding: Why is it Important for Boutique Wine Sector Growth in Turkey? PDF PRES
Yasemin Oraman, Fuat Yilmaz, Derya Abdikoglu
The Applied Agricultural Policies for Canola in Thrace Region PDF
Sema Konyali, Burcin Basaran
Analysis of Business Structures on Capacity Usage in Determining Encountered Problems of Red Meat Industry in Turkey PDF
Celal Demirkol, Mecit Omer Azabagaoglu
Evaluation of Agricultural Policies in terms of Sustainability of Viticulture in Tekirdağ PDF
Burcin Basaran, Sema Konyali
Improving Agricultural Markets Access for the Small and Medium Enterprises PDF
Natalia Stoyanova
Perspectives for Future Development of Poultry Meat Sector in Turkey PDF
Ali Karabayir
Opportunities for Project Financing in Rural Regions PDF
Aleksandrina Gancheva

Social and Cultural Development

Exploring Social Innovation in the Social Farm Organizations PDF
Maurizio Lanfranchi, Carlo Gianetto, Tindara Abbate, Augusto D'Amico

Management of Education and Innovation

Initial Standardization and Validization of Methodology Measuring Organizational Culture in the Field of Education PDF
Ivaylo Staribratov, Lilia Babakova, Valia Petrova
The Internationalization of Higher Education - the Opportunity of the Successful University of the Future PDF
Stoyko Stoykov, Sevdalina Dimitrova
Academic Mobility in Higher Education as an Opportunity for Strengthening Educational Cooperation and Intercultural Dialogue for Effective Socialization PDF
Oleg Latyshev, Eduard Kovalev

Human Resources and Organizational Management

Self-Leadership 3.0 PDF
Ivaylo Aleksiev
The meaning of the refined egoism and the prisoner’s dilemma in business PDF
Yavor Aleksiev, Ivaylo Aleksiev
Leadership of project teams PDF
Vyara Slavyanska, Vihra Dimitrova

Information and Communication Technology

Video Supported Vocational Education and Training in Environmental Protection PDF PRES
Mariana Ivanova, Vihra Dimitrova

Health, Sports, Tourism and Medicine

Frequency of Prophylactic Gynecological Examinations Among Bulgarian Women PDF
Valentin Irmov, Petar Petrov
The Location of the Cytoplasm in the Prevention of Cervical Cancer PDF
Valentin Irmov, Petar Petrov
The place of VATS in the treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax PDF
Tanyo Stefanov, Petar Petrov, Boyko Todorov
Operative Treatment of Spontaneous Pneumothorax PDF
Tanyo Stefanov, Petar Petrov, Boyko Todorov
Study and Analysis of Quality Management Models in Hospital Help PDF
Neven Enchev, Petar Petrov
Quality Management of Hospital Services Under ISO 9001: 2008 as an Integral Part of the International Organization Standartization Series PDF
Neven Enchev, Petar Petrov

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