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The structure of higher education - foundation of the development of open innovation mechanisms and investment in skills in product management and green engineering
Mirko Tripunovski, Aleksandar Nikolovski, Antoaneta Vasileva

Last modified: 2015-10-12


The current situation, analyzed through the structure of higher education and open innovation mechanisms, global business world as a methodology for innovation in companies, offers a new perspective as a result of the growing need for accession to educational innovation and competition faced by universities management products and green engineering. However this structure opens in several process routes, with new challenges that require, first, recognition of optimal educational solutions mechanisms and second, attracting and practicing outdoors partnership with top companies. Based on research for environmental science and green engineering requires multiple response on the questions that have binding mechanisms for applying skills in the fusion of theory and practice which obliges the EU Agenda 2020 and the needs of the labor market of human potential for application management products and green engineering in economics, law and ecology.

This paper aims to answer this challenge and shall describe a prototype mechanism and highlight its limitations as pressures and contradictions in managing products and the application of green engineering assessment of the impact of the life cycle through classification, characterization and valuation of the results obtained by comparing, placement, the application in the public sector, designing processes where the teamwork and the processes for promoting growth and development are based on the sharing of resources and capabilities to achieve them.


education, innovation, skills, project mechanisms

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