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General model of production’ process in the auto enterprises
Natally Stoyanova

Last modified: 2015-10-13


The concept of the improvement factor is used to measure the extent of the restoration for a deteriorating system in this paper. In modern conditions of several competition for world markets the success of the service road in the developed countries of Western Europe and the U.S. is determined by the organization and management of maintenance. It is an integral part of the system of production and sale of automobiles and providing them with spare parts. Auto service business is a set of interrelated factors-people, technology, acting as a whole in relation to the effective implementation of technical services. For "technology" given the complex of specific combinations of experience, knowledge, skills, materials, machines, tools, etc.. equipment used by the people in the production of goods and services.


auto enterprises, specific combinations of experience, equipment used by the people in the production of goods and services

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