University of agribusiness and rural development, Regional development of Central and Eastern European countries

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Tourism potentials in the cross-border area Hungary – Croatia
Sandra Kantar, Kristina Svržnjak

Last modified: 2015-10-12


This paper analyzes tourism potentials and possibilities in the cross-border counties which are included in the survey: Koprivničko – križevačka county, Varaždinska county (Croatia), Somogy and Zala (Hungary). Unlike Croatia dominated by maritime tourism, Hungary to the great extent develops all forms of continental tourism. In the present global competitive environment, tourism development should be based on knowledge, innovation and promotion, whereas development of regional cross-border area can be based on mutual development of cross-border tourism as innovative model of tourism development in general. In this respect, cross-border tourism will develop local tourism environment which supports and establishes a portfolio of the regional tourism product and in this way represents an important segment in development of the cross-border area. The basis of development of the cross-border tourism are natural beauties and environment, rich cultural heritage and developed wine growing and wine production.


cross-border area, tourism, survey

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