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SusCooks - Why is this project necessary?
Ivanka Shopova

Last modified: 2015-10-13


The concept of sustainability strongly affects the professional kitchen in many aspects of its operation. In this situation cooks are facing new challenges trying to improve the food culture and system which are based on sustainable production, processing, transportation and waste management. The article presents an overview of the LLP LDV project “Development and transfer of training courses and materials for sustainability in professional cooking”. Following the description of the project’s aims and objectives, the phases of the project, current activities and upcoming assignments are discussed. The necessity of project implementation is described in three main directions: European added value, expected results and expected impact (short term and long term). Sustainability approach focuses on the areas of sustainable impact review that occur outlining the key steps in the process. Achieving sustainability in professional cooking implies a long-term commitment to continuous improvement. On that base the project aims to develop and implement a valorisation strategy which will be an important outcome. Understanding the importance concerning valorisation of innovation and the project results, the project strives to benefit not only the institutions that are involved but also consumers.


sustainability, food culture, food system, e-learning

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