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Selection as a method for improved warm aquaculture in Western Siberia
Ludmila Ivanovna Zakonnova, Igor Nikishkin

Last modified: 2015-10-12


In the Company "Belovsky fish industry" conducted systematic work on the formation of high-yielding herds of carp on the basis of local purebred group of fish. Breed group of local carp is considered as the general population "genetic pool", the separation is by creating a barrier in the form of assortative matching line and heterogeneous - different, there is the isolation of populations, leading to genetic isolation, sufficient to produce a heterotic effect. From an analysis the source herd for breeding and analysis of the dynamics of selection and significant signs of six generations Belovsky carp breeding was developed model of high-yielding herd producers in the implementation of a heterotic effect in interline crosses were made and fixed at the level of the first generation.


warmwater carp, lines, a repair-uterine herd, selection, albumin and blood plasma transferrin complex

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