University of agribusiness and rural development, Regional development of Central and Eastern European countries

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Determining factors towards sustainable marketing strategy and its contribution to the strengthening of the enterprise’s competitive ability
Silvije Jerčinović

Last modified: 2015-10-12


The aim of this paper is to investigate sustainable marketing strategy planning practies within enterprises in Norh-western Croatia and assess its importance for enterpice's general bussines ability. As the previously domestic taken researches mainly were based on environmental measures, this paper wants to include and the other elements of sustainability as are socio-cultural and economic measures as well. The objective of this paper is to examine manager's attitudes towards sustainability and sustainable development in general, towards sustainable bussines paractice in the domain of environmentl, socio-cultural and economic activities. The purpose of this paper is to show what are the benefits of sustainable marketing strategy impementation by achiving ceratin competitive ability as well to show some restrictiones which might occure. For the purpose of collecting replies quantitative method in the form of a questionnaire was chosen. This provided numerical evidence and allowed statistical analysis. The questionnaire was consisted of closed-ended questions. In order to measure respondent's agreement with the given statements the 'Likert method' was applied.


sustainability, competitiveness, marketing, strategy

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