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Opportunities for the development of wine and SPA tourism in the southeast systematic region in the Republic of Macedonia
Marija Ljakoska, Anita Todorova, Mirjanka Madzevikj, Biljana Apostolovska Toshevska

Last modified: 2015-10-12


The southeast systematic region of the Republic of Macedonia covers Strumica-Radovish, Gevgelija-Valandovo and Dojran tourist region and it is characterized by its great potential for wine and spa tourism development.

The thermo mineral water sources in the Southeast region that until now are mainly used for medical needs, offer excellent opportunities for spa and wellness tourism development, through an insertion of contemporary modern spa and wellness services in the spa of "Banja Bansko", as well as in "Negorska Banja".

On the other hand, the large number of vine plantations allows this region to be inserted in the wine tourism map of the Republic of Macedonia. In terms of representation and diversity of the vineyards and the few wineries, this region can be counted as one of the regions with the outstanding quality of grape and wine, and as a region with great potential for the development of wine tourism worldwide.

In this paper will be presented, all the great opportunities for wine and spa tourism development that southeast tourism region in the Republic of Macedonia offers. Through a good marketing and management strategy, this region can become a new and a very attractive tourism destination that will be a challenge to wine and spa tourism lovers to visit this region and enjoy the benefits. Also, the spa and wine tourism development can contribute to social and cultural vitality of the region, which combined with other socioeconomic segments will reflect positively on the demographic stabilization and economic prosperity of the region.


Banja Bansko, Negorska Banja, spa and wellness, wine regions, tourism

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