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Overuse of fungicides penconazole in agricultural production – a potential risk for genetic material
Kemajl Kurteshi, Kasum Letaj, Avdil Islami, Jeton Rexhepi

Last modified: 2015-10-12


The aim of this study is to evaluate the genotoxic effect of fungicide penconazole after 9 days of treatment. The damage impact of pesticides in genetic base, certify by microncleus test in erythrocytes of fish. We testing the fungicide Penconazole at fish, in different concentration, diluted in fresh water. At each aquaria placed 10 fish. We use 5 aquaira, at four of them, treate the fish with fungicide, and one of them use as control group. Accordig to the obtain results we can conclude that fungicids penconazole has genotoxic effect for genetic base.


genetical, potentital, risk, fungicids, agriculture

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