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Study on opportunities for restaurant services improvement
Snezhana Ivanova, Ivanka Shopova

Last modified: 2015-10-12


Quality in the restaurant business is recognized as a key component of the services in tourism. All kinds of catering establishments are characteristic elements of material and technical base of tourism. Condition, kind, quality and level of their development largely determine whether in specific area in favorable natural, cultural - historical and other resources can be developed tourism for recreational purpose or just passing through.

One of the most important conditions for a successful restaurant business is the provision of high quality in the performance of production, commercial and social function. Because of the lack of unified organization and quality control system in the restaurant management this paper set the following goals and objectives: examining the determinants of product quality in the food and entertainment enterprises; proposal of methods for quality service in the restaurants; evaluation of service quality; study on consumers' perceptions of service quality. Structure example of the quality indicators in restaurant and scheme of quality service assessment are proposed.


quality of service, indicators of quality, quality assessment

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