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Analysis of changes in the environment in socio-economic development and the negative effects of the financial and economic crisis in the period 2008-2012
Venelin Terziev, Sevdalina Dimitrova, Anna Delibasheva

Last modified: 2015-10-16


This publication presents an extensive analytical study of the dynamic changes in the environment for socio-economic development in terms of financial and economic crisis and its negative effects. The specific analytical estimates in 2008-2012 period, the dynamics of macroeconomic conditions, demographic trends, educational attainment, sotsiialnoto inclusion systems in the labor market, education, health and social services in this period, allow to model a reasoned proposals for efficient use of the European Union Funds under the “Human Resources Development” Operational Programme and Cohesion Funds to overcome the negative impact of the financial and economic crisis.


managing changes in socio-economic environment; project management; strategic fund grants; “Human Resources Development” Operational Programme; Cohesion Policy

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