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Bioclimatic indicators in a certain tourism region based on the measured data
Plamen Lakov

Last modified: 2015-10-12


Climate is the main tourist resource and at the same times a factor for tourism development in certain territories. It is always important for the tourist what the weather will be like during his stay at the destination. The complete analysis requires except to represent the global climate conditions, but also to determine the overall impact of the climate change on the human body. In this perspective of the study simultaneous influence of multiple time-varying climatic elements and factors on human body are reported. The author of this paper aimed to present bioclimatic impact of one of the main climate’s elements - air temperature, in a particular tourism region /following the example of the tourist center of Veliko Tarnovo/. Analysis of the air temperature by bioclimatic index - equivalent temperature (ET˚) is made. It is one of the possible options for assessment that can be used for the purposes of recreation and tourism. The analysis is based on data from reference guides and annuals of NIMH and meteorological data available online.


bio climate, climatic indices, recreation, tourism, equivalent temperature

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