University of agribusiness and rural development, Regional development of Central and Eastern European countries

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The innovative approach – a basis for Danube region development
Lyuben Hristov, Stefka Timareva

Last modified: 2015-10-13


Priority reflection today is finding the opportunities to address disparities in regional development. Distinctive aspects of the modern guidelines and policy decisions have projective expression for the implementation of economic projects and trends in the industries. Processes of regionalization and aspirations for their mastery and control are directly related to the development of alternative forms of tourism. With the discovery of the possibilities to overcome the disproportionate development of the regionsanalyze the possibilities of tourism's social and economic development of the regions along the river. Danube - NUTS1, including North Bulgaria. Essential aspect of the objective is to identify the range of socio-economic factors designed in Human Development Index, determining the quality of life. By clarifying the objective the paper discussed topics as depopulation, increasing the share of the adult population in some regions, and the related tasks of raising incomes and solving socio-economic challenges.


innovation, regional development, economic and social development, Human Development Index

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