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Young people of the importance of healthy eating and informing
Marelle Grünthal-Drell, Maarika Veigel, Haivi Sepp

Last modified: 2015-10-13


Lately, the variety of health -related research conducted in Estonia and elsewhere in the world, has been increased. The proportion of studies about right nutrition has increased especially, which shows that people are more and more aware and considered about the important link between diet and health. The young people`s eating habits are also under greater attention.

The aim of the research is to find out how young people evaluate their eating habits, what is their expertise in this field and what are the wishes and suggestions from them in relation to the nutrition information. The research questions are: How do young people evaluate their own eating habits? Who or what influences young people's eating habits? What do young people know about nutrition? Do young people have been informed enough about healthy diet? What are the recommendations from young people to youth-workers in order to raise awareness about nutrition among young people? The research method is a method of quantitative research and data collections were used for surveys. The sample was selected on the principle purpose of the sample and consisted of total 131 young people aged 7-26 years.

Today's young people eat mostly unhealthy and that in their opinion, this is primarily due to bad habits, which in turn is due to the ever- accelerating pace of life. It can be said that the youth nutrition knowledge is good, but implementation in practice is poor. Young people find that they have been informed about a healthy diet, but not enough. Key recommendations for youth-workers in order to raise awareness of nutrition among young people are: to run thematic workshops and trainings, information days, lectures, games, camps for promoter healthy diet.


nutrient, added ingredient, nutritional needs in young people, eating habit

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