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Physiological and biochemical studies of healthy and virus-diseased raspberry cultivars
Pero Elenov

Last modified: 2015-10-13


The aim of present study was to establish photosynthetic and transpiration rate and stomatal resistance content of pigments resistance of healthy and diseased raspberry plants cv. Lulin, Gгаdiпа and Nuburg and determine the selective value of analysed cultivars for aims of the hybridisation. The high biological potential of selection is established for cv. Gradina. Оn the sесоnd place is cv. Nuburg and on the third – cv. Lulin. The data of TR determine highest humid of cv. Nuburg, i.е. this cv. need by more humid area, compered to cv. Gradina and Lulil1.


raspberry plants cv. Lulin, Gгаdiпа and Nuburg; biological potential

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