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Data processing in calculation of expected / biological yield in teaching Plant Technologies
Svetlana Vasileva, Elena Nikolova

Last modified: 2015-10-12


The paper discusses the application of spreadsheet in agronomic disciplines. The main tasks are concerning the calculation of the expected / biological yield. These are extremely important tasks solved in the professional activities of future specialists - Agronomists and Agrobusinessmen. Basic discipline in the curriculum of these students is "Plant Technologies". Therefore, it is important that they have established a methodology to solve them. Spreadsheets (ET) and in particular ET at Microsoft Office - MS Excel offer great opportunities not only for making and shaping the necessary calculations, but their "automation" by creating different templates. The development tasks on a given topic are interesting and convenient for students because they can easily learn and apply knowledge and skills acquired during their training.


plant technology, data processing, yield

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