Presentations and Authors

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Regional markets and international trade

Opportunities for international trade prosperity PDF PRES
Dimitar Dimitrov, Iliya Kirchev

Economics, entrepreneurship & management

State and trends in the banking sector in Central and Eastern Europe PDF
Bisser Krastev

Ecological food production

Radical Scavenging and Phenolic Content of Persimmon Fruit (Diospyros kaki) Cultivated in Canakkale Region, Turkey PDF
Gulen Turker, Bayram Kizilkaya, Nazan Arifoglu
Evaluation of Radical Scavenging Capacity and Phenolic Content of Extracts of Kiwano Fruit (Cucumis metuliferus) Cultivated in Canakkale Region, Turkey PDF
Nazan Arifoglu, Gulen Turker, Bayram Kizilkaya

Tourism and recreation

Development potential of tourism for seniors in Serbia PDF
Andrea Katić
Tourism potentials in the cross-border area Hungary – Croatia PDF
Sandra Kantar, Kristina Svržnjak

Green economy and renewable energy

Smart cities initiative - challenge for Serbia PDF
Andrea Katić, Jasmina Stanković, Nebojša Malenković

Environmental protection and management

A novel tri-functional polyaren: synthesis and characterization PDF
Fatih Doğan, Gülen Türker, Ali Bilici, İsmet Kaya
Genotoxic and cytotoxic effect of nickel in buccal cell at workers in ferronickel factory PDF PRES
Kasum Letaj, Kemajl Kurteshi
Frequency of micronuclei in epithelial buccal cells of workers exposed to pesticides PDF
Kasum Rr. Letaj, Kemajl Kurteshi
Microbiological analysis of water of river Lumëbardhi (Kosovo) during spring season 2012 PDF PRES
Idriz Vehapi, Kemajl Kurteshi
Overuse of fungicides penconazole in agricultural production – a potential risk for genetic material PDF PRES
Kemajl Kurteshi, Kasum Letaj, Avdil Islami, Jeton Rexhepi
Algoflora of river Zhegra during spring season 2009 PDF PRES
Kemajl Kurteshi, Jeton Rexhepi, Avdil Islami
Synthesis and characterization of the nano-structured poly (1-amino-2-hydroxy-4-sulfonic acid) PDF
Fatih Doğan, Ali Bilici, Kevser Temizkan, İsmet Kaya
Bivalves diversity (Mollusca) in the collection of the University of agribusiness and rural development PDF
Mihail Kechev

Health, sports and medicine

New generation of functional foods for good health PDF PRES
Zdravko Kolev, Ivanka Toneva