Presentations and Authors

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Economics, entrepreneurship & management

Models of thinking and strategies in small business PDF
Evgeniy Stoyanov
Social effects of control deficiency in policies and functioning of Bulgarian fuel market PDF
Evgeniy Stoyanov
General model of production’ process in the auto enterprises PDF PRES
Natally Stoyanova
Measurement, analysis and prognostication of personnel turnover PDF
Viara Slavianska

Tourism and recreation

Study on opportunities for restaurant services improvement PDF PRES
Snezhana Ivanova, Ivanka Shopova
Tourism potentials in the cross-border area Hungary – Croatia PDF
Sandra Kantar, Kristina Svržnjak
Potential for linking organic agriculture and alternative tourism for sustainable regional growth
Ivanka Kostadinova Shopova

Green economy and renewable energy

Smart cities initiative - challenge for Serbia PDF
Andrea Katić, Jasmina Stanković, Nebojša Malenković

Agribusiness and regional policy

Innovative entrepreneurial project distribution of dairy products PDF
Kristina Svržnjak, Josipa Matojić

Education management and scientific research

The role of vocational education and training on the labor market PDF PRES
Ognyana Stoichkova
Young people of the importance of healthy eating and informing PDF
Marelle Grünthal-Drell, Maarika Veigel, Haivi Sepp
SusCooks - Why is this project necessary? PDF PRES
Ivanka Shopova