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Regional markets and international trade

Opportunities for international trade prosperity PDF PRES
Dimitar Dimitrov, Iliya Kirchev
Terms and conditions for launching a futures commodity exchange trading in Bulgaria PDF
Krasimir Davchev, Alexander Davchev
Approach to the control of inventories in shipping PDF
Rositsa Bakalova
Organization of the control of inventory PDF
Rositsa Bakalova
Development of franchising in Bulgaria in the period after the crisis PDF
Milena Georgieva
The development of the real estate market in Poland PDF
Karolina Chrabąszcz

Economics, entrepreneurship & management

Social and environmental management systems in banking sector PDF
Slobodan Rakic, Petar Mitic, Goran Andelic
Environmental risk management in lending – opportunities and implementation aspects for banks PDF PRES
Virginia Jhelyazkova
The structure of higher education - foundation of the development of open innovation mechanisms and investment in skills in product management and green engineering PDF PRES
Mirko Tripunovski, Aleksandar Nikolovski, Antoaneta Vasileva
Models of thinking and strategies in small business PDF
Evgeniy Stoyanov
Social effects of control deficiency in policies and functioning of Bulgarian fuel market PDF
Evgeniy Stoyanov
Social adaptation as a social process in the adaptation of military personnel PDF PRES
Venelin Terziev, Sevdalina Dimitrova
Corporate social responsibility in Bulgarian companies PDF
Radostina Bakardjieva
Analysis and evaluation of return on equity enterprise PDF PRES
Rosica Ivanova
Peculiarities of FX spot transactions involving third currencies PDF PRES
Georgi Georgiev
Analysis of changes in the environment in socio-economic development and the negative effects of the financial and economic crisis in the period 2008-2012 PDF PRES
Venelin Terziev, Sevdalina Dimitrova, Anna Delibasheva
Comparative analysis and evaluation of the development and condition of Bulgarian transport infrastructure with the European Union PDF
Petko Avramov
General model of production’ process in the auto enterprises PDF PRES
Natally Stoyanova
Determining factors towards sustainable marketing strategy and its contribution to the strengthening of the enterprise’s competitive ability PDF
Silvije Jerčinović
Some theoretical aspects and real dimensions of economic development in historical and contemporary context PDF
Borislava Galabova
Origin and evolution of Keynes’ economic views concerning public policy in the society PDF
Tanya Todorova
Methods for project portfolio improving PDF
Aleksandrina Todorova Gancheva, Antonia Damyanova
Metaregulatory processes of work PDF
Dmitriy Nikolaevich Dolganov
Measurement, analysis and prognostication of personnel turnover PDF
Viara Slavianska
Evaluation of sustainable development in EU countries using selected indicators PDF
Peter Adamisin, Emilia Huttmanova, Jana Chovancova
Self verification of social responsibility of organization trough ISO 26 000 PDF
Radostina Bakardjieva
Corporate social responsibility and organic production business model – sustainability performance, consumer trust and motivation PDF
Elenko Zahariev, Ekaterina Arabska
Some issues of methodology and application of accounting for lease contracts PDF
Liliya Rangelova
For the importance of bank outsourcing in bank activities implementation in conditions of crisis PDF
Mariana Asenova-Velikova
State and trends in the banking sector in Central and Eastern Europe PDF
Bisser Krastev

Ecological food production

Growing Grain Amaranth PDF
Elisaveta Vasileva
Radical Scavenging and Phenolic Content of Persimmon Fruit (Diospyros kaki) Cultivated in Canakkale Region, Turkey PDF
Gulen Turker, Bayram Kizilkaya, Nazan Arifoglu
Evaluation of Radical Scavenging Capacity and Phenolic Content of Extracts of Kiwano Fruit (Cucumis metuliferus) Cultivated in Canakkale Region, Turkey PDF
Nazan Arifoglu, Gulen Turker, Bayram Kizilkaya
Growth and development of the plant Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana B) in different areas of cultivation PDF
Elena Nikolova Nikolova

Tourism and recreation

Status and prospects for development of international tourism in Russia PDF PRES
Veliko Velikov, Aneta Nikolova
Bioclimatic indicators in a certain tourism region based on the measured data PDF
Plamen Lakov
Global warming and the future of ski tourism in Bansko PDF
Veliko Velikov, Krasimir Levkov
Current problems of tourism zoning of Bulgaria PDF
Krasimir Levkov
Study on opportunities for restaurant services improvement PDF PRES
Snezhana Ivanova, Ivanka Shopova
The innovative approach – a basis for Danube region development PDF
Lyuben Hristov, Stefka Timareva
Development potential of tourism for seniors in Serbia PDF
Andrea Katić
Tourism potentials in the cross-border area Hungary – Croatia PDF
Sandra Kantar, Kristina Svržnjak
Spa and wellness tourism as an effective means to counter the consequences of modern lifestyles PDF
Alexander Davchev
Management of SPA and wellness processes in the system of the Bulgarian tourism industry PDF
Alexander Davchev
Opportunities for sustainable rural development through agritourism: a case study of customers and local residents’ behavior in a small Bulgarian municipality PDF
Sonya Bukova
Opportunities for the development of wine and SPA tourism in the southeast systematic region in the Republic of Macedonia PDF
Marija Ljakoska, Anita Todorova, Mirjanka Madzevikj, Biljana Apostolovska Toshevska
Problems and opportunities for developmen on the tourism in the nature park Shumensko plato PRES
Zlatka Grigorova
Development and diversification of the integrated tourism products in Hisar municipality PRES
Zlatka Grigorova
Opportunities and perspectives for sustainable development of snowboarding in Chepelare - Bulgaria PDF
Snezhana Ivanova
Potential for linking organic agriculture and alternative tourism for sustainable regional growth
Ivanka Kostadinova Shopova
Trakia tourist region - problems and opportunities for development
Zlatka Grigorova

Green economy and renewable energy

Smart cities initiative - challenge for Serbia PDF
Andrea Katić, Jasmina Stanković, Nebojša Malenković

Environmental protection and management

A novel tri-functional polyaren: synthesis and characterization PDF
Fatih Doğan, Gülen Türker, Ali Bilici, İsmet Kaya
State and trends in air pollution in Devnya industrial area PDF
Pero Elenov
Physiological and biochemical studies of healthy and virus-diseased raspberry cultivars PDF
Pero Elenov
Genotoxic and cytotoxic effect of nickel in buccal cell at workers in ferronickel factory PDF PRES
Kasum Letaj, Kemajl Kurteshi
Frequency of micronuclei in epithelial buccal cells of workers exposed to pesticides PDF
Kasum Rr. Letaj, Kemajl Kurteshi
Microbiological analysis of water of river Lumëbardhi (Kosovo) during spring season 2012 PDF PRES
Idriz Vehapi, Kemajl Kurteshi
Overuse of fungicides penconazole in agricultural production – a potential risk for genetic material PDF PRES
Kemajl Kurteshi, Kasum Letaj, Avdil Islami, Jeton Rexhepi
Algoflora of river Zhegra during spring season 2009 PDF PRES
Kemajl Kurteshi, Jeton Rexhepi, Avdil Islami
Synthesis and characterization of the nano-structured poly (1-amino-2-hydroxy-4-sulfonic acid) PDF
Fatih Doğan, Ali Bilici, Kevser Temizkan, İsmet Kaya
Influence of the foliar organic fertilizer “Aminobest” on the productivity of tomatoes PDF
Teodora Ilieva, M. Pashev, Dimitar Yakimov, Mariana Ivanova
Bivalves diversity (Mollusca) in the collection of the University of agribusiness and rural development PDF
Mihail Kechev
Flood hazard to the town Veliko Tarnovo PDF
Ivan Markov, Daniela Zlatunova
Rusenski lom nature park – problems and opportunities for development PDF
Boryana Angelova
Selection as a method for improved warm aquaculture in Western Siberia PDF
Ludmila Ivanovna Zakonnova, Igor Nikishkin

Agribusiness and regional policy

Innovative entrepreneurial project distribution of dairy products PDF
Kristina Svržnjak, Josipa Matojić
Approach to launch a modern infrastructure in the field of biotech industry in Plovdiv region PDF
Krasimir Davchev, Alexander Davchev

Social and cultural development

Transitive media theory (media “transition” theory) – main principles PDF
Plamen Bratanov

Education management and scientific research

Public benefits of private higher education PDF PRES
Dimitar Dimitrov
New challenges in quality assurance of higher education in Eastern Europe and the Balkans PDF PRES
Patricia Georgieva
The role of vocational education and training on the labor market PDF PRES
Ognyana Stoichkova
Russian educational paradigm as factor of social adaptation of youth PDF
Irina Verchagina
Methods and approaches in development of training programs in higher agrarian education for vulnerable young people in Bulgaria PDF
Venelin Terziev, Sevdalina Dimitrova
Young people of the importance of healthy eating and informing PDF
Marelle Grünthal-Drell, Maarika Veigel, Haivi Sepp
Risk management in organic farming: new insights and conclusions by the EDUECO individual training program PDF
Vesela Radovic, Ekaterina Arabska
Data processing in calculation of expected / biological yield in teaching Plant Technologies PDF
Svetlana Vasileva, Elena Nikolova
Nature of e–learning PDF
Radka Tosheva, Alexandrina Gancheva
SusCooks - Why is this project necessary? PDF PRES
Ivanka Shopova

Health, sports and medicine

New generation of functional foods for good health PDF PRES
Zdravko Kolev, Ivanka Toneva