University of agribusiness and rural development, International scientific and practical conference Bulgaria of regions 2018

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Analysis and evaluation of resource potential for tourism development in Shumen municipality
Milena Stoyanova, Ivaylo Vladev

Last modified: 2019-01-21


This paper aims to characterize the resource potential of Shumen Municipality as a tourist destination. On the basis of the surveys carried out in the spring and summer of 2018, a quantified SWOT analysis was made to assess the baseline situation for tourism development in Shumen Municipality, outlining its strengths and weaknesses, threats and competitive advantages. It should contribute to taking adequate steps to preserve current tourists and to expand the opportunities for attracting new users to the tourist product in the municipality. On the other hand, it will be the basis for the preparation of a professional and competent strategy aimed at creating a competitive advantage and achieving the satisfaction of the visitors.


Shumen Municipality, tourist resources, quantified SWOT-analysis.

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