University of agribusiness and rural development, International scientific and practical conference Bulgaria of regions 2018

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The need for a new logic in the regionalization of the national space
Plamen Patarchanov, Emilia Patarchanova, Vasil Zarkov

Last modified: 2019-01-21


The organization of each geographical space is based on a set of factors that differ in character. The natural, socio-economic and cultural-historical characteristics of the territory continue to play a leading role. Nowadays, an increasingly important influence begin to exert a number of external geopolitical factors. The strength and the direction of their temporal and spatial impacts is decisive for the processes of regionalization of the territory. They require adequate treatment of all participants in this extremely important public process, both from the research structures and from the administrative and managŠµment bodies.

The Bulgarian national space has been a subject to different, by its character and above all territorial scope, zoning schemes. The need for a new spatial and content logic of regionalization is naturally driven by the dynamics of changes in national, and especially the Balkan, European and global space.

The creation of modern regional socio-economic entities is based on the definition of their functions and tasks, which will predetermine their territorial scope and centers. This will create conditions for reducing the administrative approach in the regionalization of the national space that has always been involved in this process and has often caused a number of territorial distortions in our public practice.


national space, spatial organization, regions, regionalization, socio-economic regions.

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