University of agribusiness and rural development, International scientific and practical conference Bulgaria of regions 2018

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Men-women and the story of the tortoise and the hare
Ekrem Tufan, Selen Pekoğuz, Betül Bertecene

Last modified: 2019-01-21


The aim of this study is to see if there are any differences between men and women’s overconfidence. We have made a social experiment through a survey to get reliable results, and our audience consisted of both men and women, and also a few people from LGBTQ community also agreed to participate.

Regarding overconfidence, our research results showed that men are more overconfident than women and people of LGBTQ community. The outcomes of this research are compatible with many other aspects of life and can be found even in literature. Moreover, the same results can be observed in also economy; overconfidence in men may lead to wrong economic decisions that will have undesirable consequences in many fields, such as stock exchange.


men, women, LGBTQ, behavioural economics, overconfidence.

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