University of agribusiness and rural development, International scientific and practical conference Bulgaria of regions 2018

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Main factors influencing communication in the health care facility
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov, Plamen Fotev

Last modified: 2019-01-21


For those working in private health care facilities the percentage of those that the solidarity in the collective in which they work is good is higher (36.68%) than for those employed in public health establishments. In the case of the medics working in a team of less than twenty, the percentage of those thinkung that the collective in which they work is good (51.26%) is higher compared to the same (15.76%) for the medics working in bigger teams. Just over a third of the survey respondents believe the microclimate in their workforce is at a good level enough. In the group of employees in state healthcare establishments, the percentage of those believing that the microclimate within the group is good is comparatively lower than that of those working in private health establishments. The most common subject of conversations between medics at their workplace is the work itself. The majority of participants in our survey believe that their supervisor does not sufficiently set the methods of communication in their work. Secondary education respondents have the highest percentage of those who say that their supervisor is well-communicating with their colleagues.


peculiarities, communication, research