University of agribusiness and rural development, Fiscal policy, globalization and economic growth: sustainable development challenges and perspectives

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Kiril Borissov

Last modified: 2020-02-27


The development of physical culture and sports is one of the priority directions in the social policy of the state. Sport has already become an important sector of the economy. Physical culture and sports are increasingly penetrating all spheres of people's lives, forming a specific sphere of doing business. Physical activity and sports are a particularly important area for the population. The dynamics of development of the sport itself and its types are increasingly related to the economy, trade and professional orientation of the participants in sports events. This system contains significant tangible and financial assets, expanding the network of labor and management resources. The sports industry unites not only athletes, but at the same time a traditional commercial sphere of activity and organization of business is formed, which in turn allows to make a profit in the conditions of competition both in the field of national and in the field of international sport. The role of the most popular and popular sport - football, is analyzed in the publication. The economic role of sport and the prospects in the development of the sports industry are demonstrated.


sports economics, sports industry, finance in sports, financial fair play, football