University of agribusiness and rural development, International scientific and practical conference Bulgaria of regions 2018

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Comparison of soil seed stocks of improved and natural rangelands
Ece Coşkun, Fırat Alaturk, Ahmet Gökkus, Selçuk Birer

Last modified: 2019-01-21


This research work has been conducted during the years 2011 – 2012 aimed to examine the changes occur in planting cover in pastures by using different improved methods as well as to reveal the structure of seed stocks in terms of sustainability of pasture in Çanakkale Province. Soil samples, taken from the pastures of Gümüşçay town (burning, burning + herbicide, seeded and natural) and Gerlengeç village (protected and natural) of Biga, used as material in this research work by applying different improved methods. Soil samples were taken in the month of August with a cylinder having 10 cm diameter and depth. A total of 92 samples were taken from all applications. Later, the soil samples have been brought to the laboratory keeping them under dark environment for averting seed germination. Thereafter, soil samples were transferred to plastic tubs and watering them to ensure the germination of seeds that already found inside of those soil samples. Emerging seedlings from the germinating seeds were counted, and their species identification has also been done. In this research, the highest germination rate has been determined in burned (42%) and seeded (35%) pasture applications of Gümüşçay while the lowest germination rates have been recorded as 11% and 6% in burned + herbicide used to pasture and natural pasture of Gümüşçay, respectively; but 3% in the protected and natural pastures of Gerlengeç village. According to the pasture applications, the maximum number of germinating seeds were observed in burned while least number from the applications of natural (grazed) pasture. The highest seeded rate was observed in legumes and grains as far that in most other species during burning application.


seed bank, burning, herbicide, semination, pasture.

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