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Plenary session

Socio-economic approach in subdividing territory into regions in Bulgaria – traditions, current achievements and problems PRES
Veselin Boyadzhiev, Vasil Zarkov, Neli Veselinova, Plamen Patarchanov

Conference panel 2: Regional infrastructure and municipality management

Demographic situation and social moods towards emigration in the municipality of Smolyan - opportunities for economic development
Valentin Bilyanski
Development of the farmers' markets in Bulgaria Petia Branzova
Petia Branzova

Conference panel 3: Regional specialization

Adopting slight changes in agronomic practices to obtain bigger impacts on yield and yield quality: hybrid seed production of Platycodon Grandiflorus under tropical greenhouse conditions PRES
G. D. Kapila Kumara, M. P. T. P. Subasinghe, A. Balasooriya
Establishment of quality assurance mechanisms of vocational education specifics in organic farming and its’ European approaches to Georgia’s example PRES
Ia Mosashvili, Tea Nadiradze, Mzia Beruashvili
Comparison of soil seed stocks of improved and natural rangelands PRES
Ece Coşkun, Fırat Alaturk, Ahmet Gökkus, Selçuk Birer
Impact of expected climate change on the average yields of apples in the Southeastern Region of Bulgaria
Petia Branzova
Men-women and the story of the tortoise and the hare PRES
Ekrem Tufan, Selen Pekoğuz, Betül Bertecene

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