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Plenary session

Impact of regional policies on economic development in Bulgaria: European practices and national perspectives PRES
Dimitar Dimitrov

Discussion panel 1: Current issues of socio-economic zoning in the EU

Borders, regional policy and regional development in the countries of the European Union PRES
Slavi Petrov Dimitrov

Conference panel 2: Regional infrastructure and municipality management

Concerning the issue of the peculiarities and the influence of natural resources and conditions on Ukrainian system of the population settlement and distribution
Olha Davidova, Nataly Zablotovska

Conference panel 3: Regional specialization

Diversity of antioxidant properties among Madan (Syzygium cumini) trees in Belihuloya Region, Sri Lanka: Potential for improvement for community use PRES
Prasajith Kapila Dissanayake, P.W.S.N. Dharmasena, G.E.M. Wimalasiri

Poster session and short presentations

Elements of nonverbal communication
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov
Groups in organization and organizational communication
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov
Opportunities for overcoming the demographic problems of the Bulgarian village PRES
Aleksandar Davchev
Organizational development - model "Organizational cone"
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov, Valentin Irmov
Problems and trends in the development of the Bulgarian village PRES
Aleksandar Davchev
The importance of descriptive information in the annual financial statements of enterprises
Pavlina Dimitrova
Main factors influencing communication in the health care facility
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov, Plamen Fotev
Study of the connection between good communication in healthcare facilities with the quality of the offered health service and the image of the healthcare institution
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov
Study of the specifics of communication between the different levels in the health facility
Ivo Dimitrov, Valentin Irmov

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