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Poster session and short presentations

Analysis of quality management models in hospital care
Valentin Irmov, Petar Petrov, Neven Enchev von Goldenburg
Contemporary concepts of etiology and clinic of polycystic ovarian syndrome
Valentin Irmov, Vesko Stoilov, Petar Petrov, Tanyo Stefanov
Etiology, clinical symptoms and treatment of the most common uroinfections in women
Valentin Irmov, Tanyo Stefanov, Penka Stefanova
Organizational development - model "Organizational cone"
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov, Valentin Irmov
Quality management of hospital services under ISO 9001: 2008 as an integral part of the International Organization Standartization series
Valentin Irmov, Petar Petrov, Neven Enchev von Goldenburg
Study of the specifics of communication between the different levels in the health facility
Ivo Dimitrov, Valentin Irmov
The attitude of modern women towards the prevention of cervical carcinoma
Valentin Irmov, Petar Petrov, Penka Stefanova, Tanyo Stefanov

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