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Discussion panel 2: Smart specialization and socio-economic development

A novel integrated platform for the monitoring of cold supply chains via IoT, fuzzy logic and adaptive neyro fuzzy inference systems PRES
Konstantinos Kokkinos, Nicholas Samaras
Peculiarities of formation of the strategy for innovative development of regions
Liliya Korchevska, Yaroslav Sergeev

Conference panel 2: Regional infrastructure and municipality management

Development of tourism infrastructure as a component of employment of young entrepreneurs and quality of life in the EU PRES
Korina Kaushan
The development of spiritual tourism as a factor in the formation of the personality of a teenager, in the context of Orthodox traditions
Anatoly Kaushan
Financial analysis of municipal expenditures in Bulgaria
Biser Krastev

Conference panel 3: Regional specialization

Adopting slight changes in agronomic practices to obtain bigger impacts on yield and yield quality: hybrid seed production of Platycodon Grandiflorus under tropical greenhouse conditions PRES
G. D. Kapila Kumara, M. P. T. P. Subasinghe, A. Balasooriya
Organic catering – a perspective for the sustainable development of the Turkish catering sector PRES
Nazan Arifoglu, Mustafa Ogutcu, Hasan Basri Ormanci, Ali Karabayir
Potential of soil for sustainable intensification of Ukrainian agriculture PRES
Anatoliy Kucher

Poster session and short presentations

Capitalization of land in the system of financing of agricultural projects PRES
Lesia Kucher
Pilot industrial installation for the production of energy from sea water and home waste PRES
Chavdar Kamenarov, Plamen Kamenarov
Profitability of the technology for obtaining of Brown’s gas from sea water and its regeneration by extraction of minerals PRES
Chavdar Kamenarov, Plamen Kamenarov
Survey and analysis on the content of metals in the sediments obtained after sea water electrolysis from the Black Sea and comparing the data with the content of metals in the sea water and those from the sediments of the Black Sea coastal zone of the Bul PRES
Chavdar Kamenarov, Plamen Kamenarov

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