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Plenary session

The New Challenges on Reshaping of Regional policy in Lithuania in Geographic and Demographic Approaches PRES
Eduardas Spiriajevas

Discussion panel 2: Smart specialization and socio-economic development

A novel integrated platform for the monitoring of cold supply chains via IoT, fuzzy logic and adaptive neyro fuzzy inference systems PRES
Konstantinos Kokkinos, Nicholas Samaras
Peculiarities of formation of the strategy for innovative development of regions
Liliya Korchevska, Yaroslav Sergeev
Smart specialisation - an innovative approach to the economic transformation of the Republic of Moldova and the role of the universities in this process
Larisa Savga, Sergiu Porcescu

Conference panel 1: Policies for regional development and tourism

Analysis and evaluation of resource potential for tourism development in Shumen municipality PRES
Milena Stoyanova, Ivaylo Vladev

Conference panel 3: Regional specialization

Adopting slight changes in agronomic practices to obtain bigger impacts on yield and yield quality: hybrid seed production of Platycodon Grandiflorus under tropical greenhouse conditions PRES
G. D. Kapila Kumara, M. P. T. P. Subasinghe, A. Balasooriya
The greenhouse vegetable production in Bulgaria - issues of the regional specialization
Keranka Nedeva, Valko Stoilov, Nanyo Nanev

Poster session and short presentations

Capacity of South Central Region of Bulgaria for health and medical tourism
Zlatka Grigorova, Ivanka Shopova
Contemporary concepts of etiology and clinic of polycystic ovarian syndrome
Valentin Irmov, Vesko Stoilov, Petar Petrov, Tanyo Stefanov
Etiology, clinical symptoms and treatment of the most common uroinfections in women
Valentin Irmov, Tanyo Stefanov, Penka Stefanova
The attitude of modern women towards the prevention of cervical carcinoma
Valentin Irmov, Petar Petrov, Penka Stefanova, Tanyo Stefanov

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