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Plenary session

Socio-economic approach in subdividing territory into regions in Bulgaria – traditions, current achievements and problems PRES
Veselin Boyadzhiev, Vasil Zarkov, Neli Veselinova, Plamen Patarchanov

Discussion panel 3: Socio-economic zoning of Bulgaria

The need for a new logic in the regionalization of the national space PRES
Plamen Patarchanov, Emilia Patarchanova, Vasil Zarkov

Conference panel 1: Policies for regional development and tourism

Maritime spatial planning of the Black sea region - problems and challenges PRES
Vasil Zarkov

Conference panel 2: Regional infrastructure and municipality management

Concerning the issue of the peculiarities and the influence of natural resources and conditions on Ukrainian system of the population settlement and distribution
Olha Davidova, Nataly Zablotovska

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