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Plenary session

Socio-economic approach in subdividing territory into regions in Bulgaria – traditions, current achievements and problems PRES
Veselin Boyadzhiev, Vasil Zarkov, Neli Veselinova, Plamen Patarchanov
The New Challenges on Reshaping of Regional policy in Lithuania in Geographic and Demographic Approaches PRES
Eduardas Spiriajevas
Farm based rural tourism as a socio- economic development strategy in rural livelihood development; experience from Europe and Asia
Rohana Mahaliyanaarachchi
Impact of regional policies on economic development in Bulgaria: European practices and national perspectives PRES
Dimitar Dimitrov

Discussion panel 1: Current issues of socio-economic zoning in the EU

Borders, regional policy and regional development in the countries of the European Union PRES
Slavi Petrov Dimitrov
Socio-economic regional disparities in Bulgaria PRES
Stoyan Totev
Socio-economic zoning: from the theoretical bases to the practical realization
Ivan Markov
The position of the capital cities and urban agglomerations in the system of classification of territorial units for statistics PRES
Krasimir Levkov, Plamen Lakov

Discussion panel 2: Smart specialization and socio-economic development

A novel integrated platform for the monitoring of cold supply chains via IoT, fuzzy logic and adaptive neyro fuzzy inference systems PRES
Konstantinos Kokkinos, Nicholas Samaras
Peculiarities of formation of the strategy for innovative development of regions
Liliya Korchevska, Yaroslav Sergeev
Smart specialisation - an innovative approach to the economic transformation of the Republic of Moldova and the role of the universities in this process
Larisa Savga, Sergiu Porcescu

Discussion panel 3: Socio-economic zoning of Bulgaria

Anthropogeography and economic geography within two epoices
Tihomir Lichev
Overview and analysis of the main tourist regionalizations of Bulgaria PRES
Maria Grozeva
The need for a new logic in the regionalization of the national space PRES
Plamen Patarchanov, Emilia Patarchanova, Vasil Zarkov

Conference panel 1: Policies for regional development and tourism

Analysis and evaluation of resource potential for tourism development in Shumen municipality PRES
Milena Stoyanova, Ivaylo Vladev
Current state and prospects of tourism development in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Model of holistic socio-professional competences of a tourism manager PRES
Novruz Amirkhan Guliyev
Perspectives for the development of wine tourism in certain regions of Macedonia
Emilija Todorovic, Georgi Michev
Regional tourism development policy and distribution of hotels in Macedonia PRES
Dejan Metodijeski, Jasmina Andreeva, Oliver Filiposki
Features and priorities of tourism development strategic planning in the Stavropol region
Andrey Efimov
The Role of Adjara Sightseeing in Tourism PRES
Ermile Meskhia
Maritime spatial planning of the Black sea region - problems and challenges PRES
Vasil Zarkov

Conference panel 2: Regional infrastructure and municipality management

Concerning the issue of the peculiarities and the influence of natural resources and conditions on Ukrainian system of the population settlement and distribution
Olha Davidova, Nataly Zablotovska
Demographic situation and social moods towards emigration in the municipality of Smolyan - opportunities for economic development
Valentin Bilyanski
Development of the farmers' markets in Bulgaria Petia Branzova
Petia Branzova
Development of tourism infrastructure as a component of employment of young entrepreneurs and quality of life in the EU PRES
Korina Kaushan
The development of spiritual tourism as a factor in the formation of the personality of a teenager, in the context of Orthodox traditions
Anatoly Kaushan
Guidelines for effective management of the municipal budget
Ralyo Ralev
Financial analysis of municipal expenditures in Bulgaria
Biser Krastev

Conference panel 3: Regional specialization

Adopting slight changes in agronomic practices to obtain bigger impacts on yield and yield quality: hybrid seed production of Platycodon Grandiflorus under tropical greenhouse conditions PRES
G. D. Kapila Kumara, M. P. T. P. Subasinghe, A. Balasooriya
Diversity of antioxidant properties among Madan (Syzygium cumini) trees in Belihuloya Region, Sri Lanka: Potential for improvement for community use PRES
Prasajith Kapila Dissanayake, P.W.S.N. Dharmasena, G.E.M. Wimalasiri
Establishment of quality assurance mechanisms of vocational education specifics in organic farming and its’ European approaches to Georgia’s example PRES
Ia Mosashvili, Tea Nadiradze, Mzia Beruashvili
Organic catering – a perspective for the sustainable development of the Turkish catering sector PRES
Nazan Arifoglu, Mustafa Ogutcu, Hasan Basri Ormanci, Ali Karabayir
Potential of soil for sustainable intensification of Ukrainian agriculture PRES
Anatoliy Kucher
Regional trends in plant growing in Bulgaria PRES
Plamen Lakov, Nikola Valchev
The greenhouse vegetable production in Bulgaria - issues of the regional specialization
Keranka Nedeva, Valko Stoilov, Nanyo Nanev
Comparison of soil seed stocks of improved and natural rangelands PRES
Ece Coşkun, Fırat Alaturk, Ahmet Gökkus, Selçuk Birer
Low cholesterol egg production PRES
Mustafa Öğütcü
Utilization of olive oil by-products for bioactive compounds extraction PRES
Gulen Turker
Impact of expected climate change on the average yields of apples in the Southeastern Region of Bulgaria
Petia Branzova
Men-women and the story of the tortoise and the hare PRES
Ekrem Tufan, Selen Pekoğuz, Betül Bertecene

Poster session and short presentations

Analysis of quality management models in hospital care
Valentin Irmov, Petar Petrov, Neven Enchev von Goldenburg
Bank`s operational and risk problems
Dimitar Anastasovksi
Capacity of South Central Region of Bulgaria for health and medical tourism
Zlatka Grigorova, Ivanka Shopova
Capitalization of land in the system of financing of agricultural projects PRES
Lesia Kucher
Contemporary concepts of etiology and clinic of polycystic ovarian syndrome
Valentin Irmov, Vesko Stoilov, Petar Petrov, Tanyo Stefanov
Elements of nonverbal communication
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov
Etiology, clinical symptoms and treatment of the most common uroinfections in women
Valentin Irmov, Tanyo Stefanov, Penka Stefanova
Exploring the resource potential for the development of weekend tourism in the Lucky municipality
Stefka Timareva
Groups in organization and organizational communication
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov
Innovative methods of teaching
Aleksandrina Gancheva, Radka Tosheva
Opportunities for overcoming the demographic problems of the Bulgarian village PRES
Aleksandar Davchev
Organizational development - model "Organizational cone"
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov, Valentin Irmov
Pilot industrial installation for the production of energy from sea water and home waste PRES
Chavdar Kamenarov, Plamen Kamenarov
Problems and trends in the development of the Bulgarian village PRES
Aleksandar Davchev
Profitability of the technology for obtaining of Brown’s gas from sea water and its regeneration by extraction of minerals PRES
Chavdar Kamenarov, Plamen Kamenarov
Quality management of hospital services under ISO 9001: 2008 as an integral part of the International Organization Standartization series
Valentin Irmov, Petar Petrov, Neven Enchev von Goldenburg
Regional characteristics of the ethnic tourism in Mexico PRES
Luis Hulian Montero Palma, Krasimir Levkov
Regional development policy and sustainable development goals PRES
Vesela Radovic, Ekaterina Arabska
Regionalization and regional development as an organizational model for sustainability, conservation and growth
Zlatka Grigorova, Ekaterina Arabska, Nikolina Mareva
The classicism and the таxation as a fiscal instrument
Tanya Todorova
The corporate risk forecasting by Cash Flow at Risk Approach PRES
Georgi Georgiev, Delyan Plachkov
The importance of descriptive information in the annual financial statements of enterprises
Pavlina Dimitrova
Forecasting and planning of financial statements. Practical aspects
Vladislava Georgieva
Holistic approach to marketing management of a tourist destination PRES
Svetlana Lakova
Main factors influencing communication in the health care facility
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov, Plamen Fotev
Study of the connection between good communication in healthcare facilities with the quality of the offered health service and the image of the healthcare institution
Ivo Dimitrov, Petar Petrov
Study of the specifics of communication between the different levels in the health facility
Ivo Dimitrov, Valentin Irmov
Survey and analysis on the content of metals in the sediments obtained after sea water electrolysis from the Black Sea and comparing the data with the content of metals in the sea water and those from the sediments of the Black Sea coastal zone of the Bul PRES
Chavdar Kamenarov, Plamen Kamenarov
The attitude of modern women towards the prevention of cervical carcinoma
Valentin Irmov, Petar Petrov, Penka Stefanova, Tanyo Stefanov
The role of career centers in universities
Kirilka Nenkova

Closing session

On the need for a thorough reform of the administrative territorial structure of Bulgaria PRES
Krasimir Levkov, Veliko Velikov

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