University of agribusiness and rural development, Fiscal policy, globalization and economic growth: sustainable development challenges and perspectives

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Yasemin Oraman, Gökhan Unakıtan

Last modified: 2020-02-27


Globalization has multi-facet impacts on the lives of people. Turkey has faced the reality of globalization for many years but its adverse effect has been severely felt especially after the 1980s. Rapid development in technology and high-speed communication has made the technology change harder for some developing countries to cope with. As a result of technological advances in communications (e.g. telephone and worldwide web), countries are much more connected to each other politically, economically and environmentally. Basically, globalization can also be defined as the internationalization of everything related to different countries. Globalization process has impacted agricultural sector more than any other sector. Trend toward greater economic, cultural, political and technological interdependence among national institutions and economies. Turkey is one of the many countries that is taking this change the hardest, especially in the last 20 years, as a result of mayhem they have been enduring.

In this research, globalization has been revealed with the following dimensions:

-        Globalization as a phenomenon, its causes and consequences.

-        Advantages and disadvantages of globalization.

-        Implications of globalization in Turkey

The findings of this research indicated that as globalization has progressed, living conditions have changed significantly in virtually all countries. Despite the divergence of views about globalization and its conflicts, there is, more common ground in this debate than is apparent at first glance. As a conclusion that this study looks only at the correlation between globalization and socio-economic measures. While the argument can be made that globalization directly impacts income, the argument that globalization directly impacts health, longevity, and the environment is more tenuous. Besides, globalization needs permanent control from the governments, affects all people’s lives. Globalization has both advantages and serious disadvantages.


global trade, inequality, economic growth, human right

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