University of agribusiness and rural development, Fiscal policy, globalization and economic growth: sustainable development challenges and perspectives

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Tülay Güzel, Yücel Taşkin

Last modified: 2020-02-27


Food safety is the all precautions which are taken to eliminate the physical, chemical and biological damages. There are noteworthy factors in terms of human health and service quality in the all companies which produce food. There are private consulting institutions for companies which really attach important to public and human health in the presence of international standards and obligations. Being aware of the fact, several companies in Turkey carry out these processes by taking serious costs into consideration since they regard it as a necessity of being an outstanding brand. Besides, the increasing world population and the inversely proportional arable cultivated areas which are decreasing bring about some industrial interventions. These interventions are quite significant for both companies and consumers. While preferring safe food, they focus on the label on them, their logos approved by secure institutions and documents of management systems in the company. In a company which produces food, the practice of “The Food Safety Management System” causes consumers to think that company is able to produce the safe food. Since food safety dangers can occur during any phases of food chain, sufficient control in food chain is a fundamental necessity. The aim of ISO 22 000 is to ensure food safety and security within the Food Safety Management System. The main approach of the ISO 22 000 Standard is to practice a preventive system which keeps all the process within the food chain with its effects such as staff and equipment under control. This system has been developed for consumers in order not to be exposed to food borne diseases. In the institutions, The Food Safety Management System includes production control, product control, equipment control; maintenance and hygiene practices; hygiene of staff and visitors; transport, storage, product information; training, choosing and evaluating of supplier; communication and etc. The main objective is to ensure the product quality and consumers’ healthy determining intolerable risks which can result from mistakes of process. Food security audits have a potential danger determinant and analyzer role in product, design, product and quality control. ISO 22 000 is not only about food security; but also it constitutes a fundamental and irreplaceable part of quality assurance in industrial production and service practices while increasing sensory and nutritious quality. In the Food Safety Management System, everyone is given responsibility during and after production; and a productive motivation is ensured with a more participation. Besides, local and global productivity is increased while utilizing resources more effectively and decreasing losses and this causes companies to have total quality management.


Food Safety Management System, Certification Process, Certification Institutations, Food Safety